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FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out (by JWT Intelligence)


Title: Fear of Missing Out
Type: Trend Research
Author: JWT Intelligence
Opt-In: Yes

We’ve always had a fear of missing out—that our peers are doing, in the know about or in possession of more or something better than us—but today it’s exploding with the onset of real-time, location-based and social media tools.

This trend report, which updates our May 2011 report with new quantitative and qualitative data, explores the FOMO phenomenon. We identify which cohort is most prone to FOMO and how they respond to it, spotlight how FOMO is manifesting in the zeitgeist, and look at the wide-ranging potential for brands seeking to tap into FOMO.

In addition to desk research, we interviewed experts and influencers in technology and academia, and conducted a survey in the U.S. and the U.K. using SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online tool. The survey polled 1,270 adults aged 18-plus and 110 teens from Jan. 19-24.

Download: JWT Publications Download
Date: March 2012

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